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openSUSE - Home for developers


We deliver the most integrated platform for developers (e.g. web developers, system developers, Qt/GTK developers, Android/MeeGo/WebOS developers, etc.)

To be the ideal home for developers we deliver all popular open source IDEs and related tools and the perfect desktops suited for them to make the development efficient. Additionally we deliver a decent server platform to allow direct deployment of web applications and make rapid testing possible. By providing integration with social networks and collaboration tools, we enable developers to work flawlessly in distributed environments and enable the usage of agile techniques.


We need to be excellent in the following

  • Out-of-box experience for all popular open source IDEs, integration and development of related tools (graphical debugger, etc.)
  • Provide tools to easily deploy developed software (e.g. server integration, Build Service, etc.) more tightly coupled to tools
  • Provide infrastructure to distribute software (e.g. Build Service, SUSE Studio)
  • Provide desktop environments fitting the needs of developers
  • Cooperation with team projects to make openSUSE their development platform of choice
  • Deliver the most up-to-date development libraries to make app development rock (also allow to keep multiple versions)
  • Integrate social networks and collaboration tools
  • Collaboration with other Linux distros
  • Provide application stubs and examples for all interesting program types (e.g. KDE GUI, Gnome GUI, console, ...) so one can start developing with a working example and modify it
  • Provide good API documentation; in the IDE, context-menu on a function name should should offer looking up that function's definition
  • Different people have different favorite programming languages, so provide bindings and working examples for other languages as well, e.g. PyKDE or maybe Java instead of the usual C++
  • Integrate everything (open-source) projects need: SVN, bug tracker, wiki, mailing list, ...

We will try to do the following effectively

  • Provide GUI administration tools, including WebYaST
  • Lobby for open standards
  • Market openSUSE at events
  • Continue testing and bugfixing in an efficient way

As project, we will not focus on the following anymore

  • Applications not related to development (directly or indirectly)