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If you want to do something in openSUSE but are unsure if you have the skills, then this page is a perfect start for you! Motivation is all you need to get the ball going.

This page provides you with insight where you can go and advice on how to find mentors willing to work with you.

How & Where do I contribute?

This is a question that you need to answer for yourself. You can

  • Pursue your existing interests to build up your skills
  • Be Creative and invent something new out of the box
  • Be Brave and do something which you always thought you could not do.

openSUSE provides ample space to try out any of them once you have taken your first step. There are a lot of people working on new cool projects, testing out openSUSE, packaging softwares, writing documentation, promoting it, creating new artwork etc, name your area of interest and rest assured, you can find your own comfort zone.

Do I need to have special skills to get something done?

Absolutely not, but Willingness to learn is a prerequisite. A few simple things that might just help

  • If you have a doubt, Just Ask.
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • If you are eager to learn, you will always find people to help you out.
  • Be Patient. Sometimes it may take a while to get answers to your queries but the waiting is worth it.
  • Every problem has a solution, so keep trying!

<<Need some good heading to it>>

In openSUSE, contributors usually contribute to things they are interested in. Ranging from various coding to packaging to non coding tasks, we have it all. However, we also understand that sometimes it might be difficult for first time contributors to find a task. The following items broadly defines ( not limited to ) to tasks that are usually carried out in any open source project.

  • Coding tasks
  • Packaging tasks
  • Marketing tasks
  • Documentation tasks
  • Translation tasks
  • Web related tasks
  • Research / openFATE Related tasks


Here you find the mentors, what their expertise is and how to contact them.


Open Build Service development

User1 Talk - Contributions - easiest to reach on IRC as Template:Nick or directly by mail: XXX User2 Talk - Contributions - reach me on Gtalk as Template:Contact detail

Packaging on OBS

DimStar Talk - Contributions - Find me on IRC as DimStar or by mail: dimstar at opensuse dot org. Further comm channels can be establishes as needed.



Ask: Slughorn


How to become a Mentor

Why and when to join?

  • If you want to help people new to openSUSE!
  • If you know more than a newbie you can already help out...

Is it much work?

  • Usually not. Just answering a few questions now and then, it is not like GSOC mentoring.

How to join?

  • Just add yourself above!
  • If your specialty is missing, add it...

Are there rules?

Additions (optional)

Links, resources, etc.