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openSUSE:Marketing launch templates

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Below is our template to use for market planning releases of the openSUSE distribution.


This is the marketing launch plan for openSUSE (Version#). Topics are ordered in a chronological way. We're looking to forward seeing you on #openSUSE-marketing IRC channel or on the marketing mailing list

What When Who Comments Status
Update (Version#) highlights 4 weeks prior to release, (date) Highlights Page
Promote upcoming (Version#) on all our infrastructure 4 weeks prior to release, (Date) Counter, content, link on Frontpages of all wikis, forum,
Sneak Peek one per weeks starting on (date)
Feed social media (Facebook,, Twitter) ongoing
Manager production for (Version#) PromoDVDs 2 weeks prior to release
Creation of (Version#) presentation for anyone to use 2 weeks prior to release, (Date)
openSUSE (Version#) RC announcements
Call for release parties and how to 2 weeks prior to release, (date)
Publish a selection of screenshots Release week, (date)
Sneak peek summary Release week, (date)
Pre-information to press & ambassadors Release week, (date)
Publish release announcement (Date and Time of Release)
Promote (Version@) release on all our infrastructure (Date and Time of Release)
Open up infrastructure July 15 Lars with his team Preseed torrents
Add bandwith to (Date and Time of Release) do some Novell internal magic to add a few tons of bandwith for the first 24h of the release
Send PR package to each ambassador Post-release incl. 50 PromoDVD + a bunch of openSUSE Flyer + poster
  • Poster DIN A1
  • Poster DIN A3
  • Flyer C6 (openSUSE Flyer)
  • Bookmarks
  • DVDs
  • Sticker