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openSUSE:KDE repositories maintaining

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This page provides information about structure, purpose and maintainership information about KDE repositories

Stable repositories

Backports repository

Name: KDE:UpdatedApps

Purpose: Contains latest versions of packages from KDE:Distro:Factory, built for supported versions of openSUSE, does not require updates of KDE platform. Contains only stable versions of software. It is made available using the Yast Community repositories list. Technically this repository contains only links to KDE:Distro:Factory.

See openSUSE:KDE_UpdatedApps_repository for further details.

Additional packages repository

Name: KDE:Extra

Purpose: Additional packages maintained by the KDE team that are not part of openSUSE:Factory. It is made available using the Yast Community repositories list. Contains only stable versions of software.

See openSUSE:KDE_Extra_repository for further details.

Distribution development repositories

Next openSUSE release development

Name: KDE:Distro:Factory

Purpose: Contains packages of KDE software that will be used for openSUSE:Factory, i.e. it is the primary KDE development repository. All packages maintained by the KDE team that are in openSUSE:Factory are maintained in this repository.

Latest stable openSUSE release

Name: KDE:Distro:Stable

Purpose: A stable version of KDE for the latest released openSUSE version. In other words, by the time openSUSE distribution release is made, KDE contents are copied to this repository. Online updates for the latest stable openSUSE version are prepared in this repository.

Unstable repositories

KDE Software Compilation snapshot

Name: KDE:Unstable:SC

Purpose: Contains KDE Software Compilation packages with latest SVN snapshots.

Playground repository

Name: KDE:Unstable:Playground

Purpose: Contains unstable versions of KDE software (except for KDE SC snapshots).

Qt repositories

Name:: KDE:Qt*

Purpose: These repositories contain packages of the Qt toolkit.

It is not necessary to explicitly use any of the Qt repositories for the KDE repositories (they include Qt packages if needed).

KDE3 repository

Name: KDE:KDE3

Purpose: The latest release of KDE3 and KDE3 applications.

This repository is currently in practice unmaintained and unsupported, see KDE3 for further details.


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