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openSUSE:KDE Extra repository

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The KDE:Extra repository contains additional packages maintained by the KDE team that are not part of the openSUSE distribution. It is made available using the Yast Community repositories list. It contains only stable versions of software.

Maintaining repository

Packagers interested in maintaining a package in the repository should first send a mail to the opensuse-kde mailing list with a description of the package. Package can be added and updated using submit requests. Trusted packagers will get maintainer access for their package.

Maintainer access for the whole repository is only given to people interested in maintaining the repository as a whole. They review submit requests from packagers and otherwise take care of the repository as necessary.

Packages that do not have their explicit maintainer or bugowner set are maintained by the KDE team as a whole, with all the consequences (can be removed if there's team consensus, etc.). In other words, if you are interested only in maintaining a specific package in KDE:Extra, make sure you are set as the maintainer/bugowner of the package.

Requirements for packages

Adding build dependencies (i.e. mostly library packages) to KDE:Extra is allowed ONLY if the new package does not exist in the target distribution at all or if the build dependency can be considered closely related to the package. In this case set the build default ('all') to disabled and explicitly enable building only for the relevant distributions (when it over time becomes disabled everywhere it will be obvious it can be removed). It is not allowed to add newer versions of an already present package that is a generic dependency.

Only stable versions of applications are allowed in KDE:Extra (use KDE:Playground for unstable versions). Exceptions are stable "unstable" applications that do not have a stable release yet (for example, the newest version is only 0.6 but in practice the application can be considered stable and usable). These exceptions should be discussed on opensuse-kde mailing list first.