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openSUSE:KDE Patch Annotation Policy

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This is still a draft, feedback appreciated

Patch annotation

Each Patch or diff in KDE packages should have a comment header, consisting of one or more of the following headers. Formatting should be exact, to make scripted analysis possible. Avoid extra whitespace around ':', case should not matter.

 Subject: <one line summary of the patch>

One line summary what the patch does. if more information is needed, it can be put anywhere else in a non-formatted line, as a regular patch comment

 From: <name, optionally email address>

who wrote the patch.

 Signed-Off-By: <name, optionally email>

if the patch is from a 3rd party, this is who reviewed the patch. the default maintainer of the patch would be the last Signed-Off-By: or if not existent, the From: line.

 Bug: bnc#123456
 Feature: bnc#123456|fate#123456

the bugzilla report. if it is a fate, fate#12356. multiple reports are possible, separate by ",". kde#123456 would be a good reference for kde bugzilla.

 Relates: foobar3.diff|kdelibs4/foobar4.diff

this patch has something to do with foobar3.diff, or with foobar4.diff the package kdelibs4. it means that the patch for the same purpose is in kdelibs4 under a different name. Note that there are implicit relationships if the diff has the same name, and the packages are related (kdelibs3 vs kdelibs4).

 Patch-upstream: r123456|yes|no|kde >= 4.0.1|never
  • yes: the patch is __from___ upstream. r123456 is the same, but more exact. in case of svn revisions, more than one can be specified by using r12340:12346 (ranges) or by using r1234,r1240 lists.
  • no: it should be upstream, but isn't yet.
  • never: suse/distro specific hack
  • obsolete: distro specific hack, doesn't have to be ported to newer versions
 Patch-rediff: <shell script>

this contains a shell line for rediffing a patch, if it comes from some repository.