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openSUSE:Goals 13.1/Port to GStreamer 1.0

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Dropping GStreamer 0.10 is a declared goal for openSUSE 13.1 (or, at least, ensuring nothing in the distribution relies on it anymore).

GStreamer 1.0 has been release Sept 24 2012, hence, approximately one year later, with the release of openSUSE 13.1, we should be able to assume that the eco-system moved forward with it.

This page will list packages that are currently using GStreamer 0.10 and require to be ported. The list is limited to packages being part of the openSUSE:Factory project. Any 3rd party repositories are out of scope for the goal completion.

How to identify packages that need to be ported:

 osc whatdependson openSUSE:Factory gstreamer-0_10 standard x86_64

helps a great deal in identifying what depends on gstreamer 0.10

Package Status / Bug
MozillaFirefox Upstream Bug
alarm-clock-applet DONE
audio-recorder DONE (v. 0.9.5)
bluez bluez 5.0 no longer has GStreamer support
byzanz TODO
clementine Upstream bug
ekiga TODO
fillmore-lombard TODO
gnac TODO
gnash TODO
gnome-dvb-daemon DONE
gnome-gmail-notifier DONE
gnome-subtitles Upstream Bug
gnonlin DONE
goobox DONE
gst-dsp TODO
gst-omapfb TODO
gst-rtsp TODO
gthumb DONE
gtkpod WIP
istanbul TODO
kdemultimedia3 TODO
libQtWebKit4 DONE
libnice DONE (0.10 and 1.0 plugins are built)
libqt4 TODO
libqt4-devel-doc TODO
libqt4-sql-plugins TODO
libucil TODO
moodbar TODO
opencv DONE
parole DONE (v0.5.0)
pidgin WIP
phonon-backend-gstreamer DONE
pragha DONE
rhythmbox DONE
rygel DONE
seamonkey TODO
shotwell DONE (v0.14)
spice-gtk DONE (def. audio module is pulse)
tracker DONE
wine Upstream Bug
wxWidgets TODO
wxWidgets-2_9 TODO
xfburn TODO
xfce4-volumed TODO