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This page contains a number of suggested goals for openSUSE 13.1. Please add only what has been discussed on the opensuse-factory mailing list (or other relevant list)




  • update compiler to gcc 4.8
  • keep Factory kernel in sync with Kernel:HEAD
  • Integrate and test kmscon, a replacement for in-kernel virtual terminals (CONFIG_VT)
  • enable AUDIT_LOGINUID_IMMUTABLE in a kernel and drop CAP_AUDIT_CONTROL from daemons needs it to write loginuid (pure-ftpd);a=commitdiff;h=633b45454503489209b0d9a45f9e3cd1b852c614

Libs and Apps

  • update boost



  • update systemd to current version
  • replace ALL boot.* initscripts with systemd service
  • add native systemd units to important components (for example ntp , samba, etc still rely on init scripts)
  • drop sysvinit and have a full and complete implementation of systemd
  • ensure NO .service files are packaged in /lib/systemd/system and make it an rpmlint error
    • ensure no .rules files are packaged in /lib/udev/rules.d and make it an rpmlint error


  • replace mkinitrd with Dracut


  • X server must be updated to 1.14.0 (with inputproto to 2.3 and libXi to 1.7) to get pointer barriers events, needed by GNOME 3.8
  • remove xdm initscript (and sysconfig variable DISPLAY_MANAGER) and use systemd .service and symlink instead


  • Target would be to go for the latest KDE 4.11.x release (Depending on the 13.1 release schedule)
  • Get phonon to support GStreamer 1.0
  • Replace Kopete with the KDE Telepathy framework (if GStreamer 1.0 is supported)


  • GNOME 3.10 is the target for openSUSE 13.1; GNOME's release is scheduled to be end of September and this should give us sufficient time to fully integrate by the time 13.1 hits the shelves.
  • Drop / clean out old and unmaintained libs: libgnomeprint, libgnomeui, libbonoboui, libgnome, libbonobo
  • Drop the obsoleted libgee06 package
  • Use a green theme by default


  • drop GStreamer 0.10, it is obsoleted by GStreamer 1.0. See openSUSE:Goals_13.1/Port to GStreamer 1.0 for full details.
  • Get a legal agreement to redistribute Fluendo MP3 pack again, for GStreamer 1.0 (as we had for 0.10)


  • advertise AppArmor as security solution with examples of few frequently used applications.
  • make SELinux up-to-date with upstream and more usable


  • update IBus 1.5.2 as its regressions with GNOME 3 will reach a ease state in 3.10 (although we should have enough bug tolerance because not enough JA testers)
  • update fcitx 4.2.8, will be released before August.
  • introduce ibus/fcitx-kkc as libkkc is a brand-new Japanese input method engine developed for Fedora 19.