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openSUSE:Conference workshop requirements

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Collects all requirements from workshop speakers, we will know what we need prepared for.


Topic Speaker Requirement / Feedback
Packaging of perl/python/ruby/java coolo a browser and osc installed
Vytváříme deb balíčky z aplikací pro Windows need Debian based system, but he known workshop room allows to send particular system images to all the computers, he could prepare the image
Bitcoin Jan Hrach a flipchart/whiteboard
Začněte přispívat do open-source projektů! Petr Baudiš
 0. Basic C++ build/dev environment (g++, make, cmake, vim, gedit/kate)
 1. Build dependencies of OpenTTD; that is mainly SDL. 
   * OBS already provides all build dependencies of OpenTTD.
 2. OpenTTD (system OpenTTD installation means the game data and runtime dependencies will be available)
   * OBS already provides all runtime dependencies of OpenTTD.  
 3. Perhaps pre-downloaded source tarball of openttd in /usr/src: , not sure if the network wouldn't stall with 25 people downloading it in parallel
AppArmor crash course and workshop Christian Boltz

AppArmor installed, and having some daemons installed (like vsftpd, apache, postfix etc.) would be nice so that we have something we can create a profile for

openSUSE Jeopardy Christian Boltz

I'll need chairs and a table for 3 players/candidates, and another table + chair for me.

The things on the table are more interesting[tm]:

  • The "perfect solution"[tm] would be to have 3 answer buzzers/push buttons (one for each candidate) so that I know who was the fastest and has to give an answer.
  • If this perfect solution isn't available, IRC could serve as a workaround (the candidates can type any letter and hit enter). This means I need 3 computers on the candidates' table) with an IRC client nstalled. (I'll probably use a special channel on freenode.)
  • If even this fails (and/or turns out to be impractical), there's still the good old "raise your hand" solution ;-)

For both workshops, I'll bring my own laptop and just need a projector with a VGA cable - but I guess that's "the usual stuff" ;-)

Kolab:Technology for Collaboration in Freedom Georg Greve

Fine with a beamer. Local machines might be useful for some things, but then Firefox would be the minimum requirement, I guess. Ideal would be if they had a KDE installation (KDE >= 4.9) as well.

Getting the Geeko some ARMs Dirk Muller a beamer, power supply and ideally also ethernet cables/switches with network access to the internet.

Note:Didn't receive the requirements from speakers of GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus wotkshop, but I assume we need pre-installed them.


  • Pre-installed software(On OBS): Firefox, osc, C++ build/dev environment(g++, make, cmake), Editor(vim, gedit/kate), OpenTTD, AppArmor, Apache, Postfix, vsftpd, KDE 4.9.x, GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus
  • Prepared software:
  • Stuff: a flipchart/whiteboard, 3 answer buzzers/push buttons, beamer, power supply, Ethernet cables/switches