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openSUSE:Conference Interviews

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this page contains a number of people who can and should be interviewed for oSC

The speakers for whom nobody steps up for an interview will get some questions with a mass mail (individualized) and one article will be written out of that. However, that is far less nice than actual, separate interviews, so help with interviewing is VERY welcome!

Some questions you can ask:

  • tell us about yourself
  • what will you talk about
  • How did you get involved with that and why do you care about it so much, why does it matter?
  • what do you have to say to the (potential) visitors of the conference, what would you say is your message?

A quick skype interview how-to:

  • Prepare some questions like the ones above, but also a few questions about the specific thing the interviewee does.
  • Dial the interviewee but don't start recording yet. Just have a friendly chat first, find out what he/she does and thinks about stuff. You can write some more questions to ask in that time.
  • Then go over the questions you have planned to ask. This prevents embarrassing or no responses and also ahms and ehms, which, in our fast world, makes for a more attractive video.
  • Now prepare the first 30 seconds of the video. They are crucial - this is what will make a viewer keep watching instead of click it away! You have to do a quick intro of the speaker (10 sec max) and ask the first question. The answer to that be an interesting response which gives the listener/viewer an idea what the whole interview will be about. You can explain this to the speaker and you can even rehearse the first 30 seconds: it is worth it.
  • Now start interviewing!
  • Keep the video 5-10 minutes, with shorter = better. The modern Humo Digitalis has a short attention span, remember!

Once you're done, please ping me, Jos.

Try to get a picture of the interviewee to be part of the article!

From the Future Media track

Speaker Interviewer Manner
Shane Coughlan (Open Relief and Open Drones) Helen South Text
Thijs de Vries (Compelling Design and Gamification) Jos Poortvliet Skype
Ramon Roca (Building Open Networks) Athanasios-Ilias Rousinopoulos Text
Armijn Hemel (FOSS Defence against Patents) Jos Skype/text
Georg Greve (What you don't Understand still Controls you) Jos Skype/text
Lydia Pintscher (WikiData) Jos Skype/text
Bas van Abel (Opening up Devices) Jos Skype/text

Technical speakers

Speaker Interviewer Manner (mail, skype, ...)
Klaas Freitag (ownCloud) Your name Your choice
Michael Meeks (LibreOffice) Your name Your choice
Stephan Kulow (openSUSE release manager) Your name Your choice
Helmuth Peer (desktop4education developer, Austria) Your name Your choice
Jos Poortvliet (openSUSE Community manager) Your name Your choice
Speaker suggestion (profession) Your name Your choice
Speaker suggestion (profession) Your name Your choice
Speaker suggestion (profession) Your name Your choice
Speaker suggestion (profession) Your name Your choice

Keynote speakers and generally interesting folks

Speaker Interviewer Manner
Agustin Benito Bethencourt (Small and Medium Enterprises) Your name Your choice
Michael Miller (SUSE Marketing and Product Management VP) Your name Your choice
someone from university Your name Your choice
Someone from government Your name Your choice
Vincent Untz (openSUSE Board chair) Your name Your choice
Robin H. Johnson ( Dimitris Papapoulios Your choice