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openSUSE:Build Service Concept ObsCpio

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The content of this page is outdated Please visit the documentation in our Reference Guide

A new draft proposal for Source Code Management Next Generation


  • service scm_cpio is running on source service server
  • stores the scm tree in a cpio archive (newc format) with the suffix .obscpio.
  • some selected git information is stored in .obsinfo file
  • fields in .obsinfo
    • commit: (e.g. full git sha1)
    • git-describe: (output of git describe if scm is git)
    • version: ( TBD )
  • the .obscpio file will be extracted in the rpm SOURCES dir inside the build-container and removed after unpacking
  • the .obsinfo file also will be stored in SOURCES dir
  • creating a new tar ball at build time e.g. with build time service