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openSUSE:Build Service Concept Changelog

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Current situation

Currently we have different changelog mechanisms at various places:

  • OBS packages have a source history
  • OBS Requests have a history
  • rpm changelog can be done in spec file or in .changes files
  • debian packages have their history in .changlog files

The problem

  • Changes might need to get entered multiple times
  1. when commiting the source
  2. to document the change for the user in the .changes or .changelog file
  3. in bugzilla (fix for bug Y submitted)
  4. in FATE (implementation for feature has been done (partly or in total))
  5. when submitting the package to another project
  • Changes are not classified
    • no way to search for all new features, security fixes, bugfixes or alike
    • no automatic integration with other systems is possible
    • no automatic generation of changes for specific purposes or audience groups is possible

The vision

Write once, reuse everywhere. No need to manually go into another system (like bugzilla, mailing list or fate) to repeat the state there.

The concept

Easy ... just to be written ;)