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Reporting X11 related bugs

Unless mentioned otherwise use component X.Org (X Server on SLED11) for these.

What are X11 related bugs

  • Your monitor remains black, shows scrambled output, or is driven in the wrong resolution or with wrong refresh rates.
  • The Xserver freezes or even the whole computer freezes, notably during X11 startup.
  • Fonts are rendered wrong in all(!) applications.
  • Rendering artifacts, e.g. stray pixels or random patterns, even on a non supported resolution.
  • SaX2 related bugs on SLE11 (use component SaX2 for these - if available for the product).

What is *not* a X11 related bug

  • Certain applications behave strangely or crash (most likely: KDE, GNOME or X11 application bug - use component X11 Applications for the latter).
  • You have installed the binary only drivers from AMD or NVIDIA and experience problems, but the open source alternatives radeon(SLE11), radeonhd, nv(SLE11) or nouveau work. Ask these vendors for help in this case.

What to include in bug reports

  • As always: a good description of what this is all about and how to reproduce.
  • /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if it exists, usually on SLE11)
  • /var/log/Xorg.0.log
  • If the Xserver crashed and has been restarted afterwards, use /var/log/Xorg.*.log.old instead.
  • If you use Factory or the packages from X11:XOrg project in openSUSE Buildservice the output of
    • rpm --changelog -q libdrm | head -n3
    • rpm --changelog -q Mesa | head -n3
    • rpm --changelog -q xorg-x11-server | head -n3
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-input-evdev | head -n3
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-input-synaptics | head -n3 (Laptop)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-input-vmmouse | head -n3 (QEMU/KVM, VMWare)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-input-wacom | head -n3 (machine with Wacom touchscreen)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-ati | head -n3 (if you use radeonhd driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-cirrus | head -n3 (if you use cirrus driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-fbdev | head -n3 (if you use fbdev driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-intel | head -n3 (if you use intel driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-mga | head -n3 (if you use mga driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-modesetting | head -n3 (if you use modesetting driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-nouveau | head -n3 (if you use nouveau driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-nv | head -n3 (if you use nv driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-qxl | head -n3 (if you use qxl driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-vesa | head -n3 (if you use vesa driver)
    • rpm --changelog -q xf86-video-vmware | head -n3 (if you use vmware driver)
  • The output of:
    • hwinfo --gfx
  • If the bug is related to monitors remaining black or is driven with wrong parameters like resolution. The output of
    • hwinfo --monitor executed in runlevel 3 (!)
    • xrandr (executed in your Xsession)
  • On SLE11, if the bug is SaX2 related:
    • /var/log/SaX.log
  • Output of dmesg after booting with kernel option drm.debug=0xe
    • Possibly you need to boot with kernel option nomodeset in runlevel 3 before to configure sshd and adjust firewall settings in order to enable ssh login. Then reboot again regularly and login via ssh to extract this information. Unfortunately you need a second machine to do this.

Please do not tar or zip these files, but use seperate attachments. Use the content type text/plain for each of them in Bugzilla. It's much easier to work with logfiles this way.

How to test the latest Xorg

As development work happens in a separate repository, it is often interesting to see if issues are still in there. Warning: this version often has not seen much testing, so do not use on productive systems.

To add the relevant repos and upgrade to the latest version you do as root:

 zypper ar -f \ \
 zypper ar -f \ \
 zypper mr -p 90 Kernel:HEAD
 zypper mr -p 90 X11:XOrg
 zypper ref -r Kernel:HEAD
 zypper ref -r X11:XOrg
 zypper dup -r Kernel:HEAD
 zypper dup -r X11:XOrg
 zypper in xorg-x11-server-debuginfo xorg-x11-server-debugsource \
           xf86-input-evdev-debuginfo xf86-input-evdev-debugsource \
           xf86-input-synaptics-debuginfo xf86-input-synaptics-debugsource \
           xf86-input-vmmouse-debuginfo xf86-input-vmmouse-debugsource \
           xf86-input-wacom-debuginfo xf86-input-wacom-debugsource \
           xf86-video-ati-debuginfo xf86-video-ati-debugsource \
           xf86-video-cirrus-debuginfo xf86-video-cirrus-debugsource \
           xf86-video-fbdev-debuginfo xf86-video-fbdev-debugsource \
           xf86-video-intel-debuginfo xf86-video-intel-debugsource \
           xf86-video-mga-debuginfo xf86-video-mga-debugsource \
           xf86-video-modesetting-debuginfo xf86-video-modesetting-debugsource \
           xf86-video-nouveau-debuginfo xf86-video-nouveau-debugsource \
           xf86-video-nv-debuginfo xf86-video-nv-debugsource \
           xf86-video-qxl-debuginfo xf86-video-qxl-debugsource \
           xf86-video-vesa-debuginfo xf86-video-vesa-debugsource \
           xf86-video-vmware-debuginfo xf86-video-vmware-debugsource \
           libpixman-1-0-debuginfo libpixman-1-0-debugsource \
           libpciaccess0-debuginfo libpciaccess0-debugsource