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This article covers how to file bugs pertaining to MozillaFirefox, MozillaThunderbird and Seamonkey.

Mozilla Bugreports

This description applies to all packages based on Mozilla: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey.

Here are instructions what you could do to enhance bugreports in cases where the application crashes:

  • with recent versions of Firefox and Thunderbird we enabled the built-in crashreporter; in that case submit the crashreports to Mozilla and if you open a bugreport for openSUSE refer to the crash id which you can always find under about:crashes; you can basically ignore all of the following points with debuggers and debuginfo packages
  • if possible get the -debuginfo package installed in addition to get verbose backtraces, though this is not mandatory but really useful
  • always include the exact versions of your mozilla packages using the following command
 rpm -qa --qf='%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-%{arch}\t%{distribution}\n' | grep -i mozilla
  • start the application from a terminal like the following
 firefox -d gdb

and run it by typing run into gdb.

  • crash the application
  • switch to the terminal where you started it and type bt
  • copy and paste the output to the bugreport

It may happen you will got unrelated SIGPIPE during your gdb session. As Mozilla runtime (NSPR) ignores it by default, you have to instruct gdb to ignore them as well, unless you wont be able to got the real crash.

  • type handle SIGPIPE noprint or nostop in the gdb commandline
  • or write it into .gdbinit file (located in your home, or in current directory)

Another approach

It's always interesting for us if a crash also occurs with the upstream build of Firefox. That is easy to check if you download the tarball, extract it and run firefox from there. In case of a crash you should also get a crash reporter dialog which asks you to send the report to Mozilla. If you can reproduce a crash with an upstream build feel free to send this report and afterwards check (in case of Firefox 3 and above) about:crashes for the ID of the crash and note it in your bugreport to make it possible for developers to find it.

Additional hints

  • strace doesn't help in most cases; you don't need to attach it unless you are requested to do that
  • please open all bugs for above packages to component Firefox
  • Mozilla would be happy if you add bugs to their BugZilla at: