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This page explains how to organize openSUSE.Asia Summit. Let's keep our knowledge about planning our summit to make our summit sustainable—every future organizers can make their summit successful.
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How to write proposals


  • Our summit are usually held on weekends of the latter half of a year
  • If many speakers and attendees are expected, we can use Friday for workshops, meetups and so on
  • A conference tour after on Monday is optional


  • We prefer school campus because we can find student volunteers and invite them to openSUSE community
  • The venue should be easily accessible from the abroad. If not, please provide a transportation guide with your proposal.
  • Please confirm there are enough accommodations around the venue.
  • The venue should have the following facilities
    • A room where all the attendees can join sessions such as opening and keynote
    • A screen and a projector (or huge monitors, etc.), which can connect to speakers' laptop. Note that the OS is usually openSUSE not Windows
    • Enough number of rooms for break out sessions (i.e., parallel tracks). Please estimate how many tracks you will have in advance.

Budget estimation

  • Estimate income from sponsors including openSUSE project
  • Typical expense includes
    • Venue fee
    • Party, food, and drinks
    • T-Shirt
    • Name cards, flyers, posters
    • Fees related to meeting of organizing team
    • Please refer financial reports of the past summit
  • Please add 20% of total cost as buffer
  • Write minimum a budget plan as well
  • Note that openSUSE travel support program (TSP) has independent funds from your summit. Usually please do not include the cost of TSP for your budget estimation.

Milestones until the summit

See openSUSE:Asia_Summit_Annual_Roadmaps


Call for contents

  • The local team needs to select the types of events. For example,
    • Long talk
    • Short talk
    • Lightening talk
    • Workshop
  • Please set the length of those events. You will need to adjust "Schedule interval" on OSEM.
  • You may update the list of topics in your call for speakers to reflect current trends and local community

Logo competition

Event schedule during a summit

Travel guide

Conference report

We need write report after conference done. Basically this is pdf document talk what happen at the conference. Please complete the report a maximum of 3 weeks after the event. Here list what point need on the conference report:

  1. Local Organizers and Supporters
  2. OSEM, put screenshot what OSEM this year look like
  3. Call for logo, put all logo submitted and who the winner. And put picture when the winner get prize from committee
  4. Program Schedule. Put talk statistic by number, region, type, submitted and accepted
  5. Event day. Put image activity each day. Write statistic about attendee, by number, region, occupation. It will help how far this event reach.
  6. Sponsorship. Put who is this year sponsor and their level and what they give to the event.
  7. Design for event (banner, promotion) if any
  8. Documentation, link or place to save and access photo and video
  9. Financial report. Income and expense. No need to upload transaction receipt
  10. Summary

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