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This page explains roadmaps (milestones) for organizers of each Asia summit. Note that this page is still a draft for a new process applied from openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 and might be updated frequently.


openSUSE.Asia Summit is organized together by the following teams:

The Purpose of updating the process

The aim of this update is to stabilize management of future openSUSE.Asia Summits by:

  1. Increasing local committee who experienced global committee
  2. Allocating more time for local organizers to prepare their summit

openSUSE.Asia Summit Date

  • The latter half of a year (August–December)
  • The local committee can suggest the best time for the summit, according to the season, venue, and other events
  • Final event dates should avoid other major FLOSS events (e.g., Open Source Summit Europe) and will be confirmed together with other openSUSE teams who might get involved

Call for the host for openSUSE.Asia Summit YYYY

  • 3–4 Months before openSUSE.Asia Summit YYYY - 1 (the previous summit)
    • Kick off call for the host of openSUSE.Asia YYYY
    • Publish the call for host
    • Those who want to be the host should join the organizing meeting for the summit in (YYYY - 1)
  • 1 Month before the previous summit (earlier is better)
    • The deadline for standing as a candidate
  • Two weeks before the previous summit
    • The deadline for the proposals
    • Create a list of the submitted proposals (on Wiki)
  • At the previous summit
    • The candidates of the next hosts show their plan (at the closing or BoF session)
  • Within two months after the summit
    • Review the submitted proposals and voting
    • Approval from the openSUSE board
    • Announcement for the winner host for the next year
    • Ask sponsorship from SUSE

Preparation for the openSUSE.Asia Summit YYYY

  • After the announcement
    • Fix the date of the summit and book the venue
    • Start to find local sponsors
  • 6 months before openSUSE.Asia Summit YYYY
    • Make a page on OSEM and fill its content
    • Create a design and documents for sponsorship
    • Announce openSUSE.Asia Summit YYYY on and other media
    • We have fix contact for global use (mailing list)
  • 5 months before
    • Announce call for proposals of talks
    • Call for the logo (and prepare voting system) or prepare the design by the local team
  • 3 months before
    • Call for volunteers
  • 2.5 months before
    • The deadline of call for proposals & TSP requests
  • 2–1.5 months before the summit
    • Notification to speakers
    • Fix keynote speakers
    • Announce the program
  • 1 month before the summit
    • Finish all design
    • Ready for the summit
  • At openSUSE.Asia YYYY
    • Move album to this year committee
  • 1 month after openSUSE.Asia YYYY
    • Create a report of openSUSE.Asia Summit

Summit logo design

For the every past summits, we collect logo design through logo competition. However, how to prepare the logo design is up to the local team.

tbd. (voting system)


  • Once each month (Wednesday at 1st week, UTC 13.00)
  • Send reminder
  • Meetings will be more often if necessary (4 months before the summit)
  • openSUSE.Asia Slack: our main communication tool

Exception for 2019

Now it is late to follow this process. So:

  • Publish call for the host in July
  • The deadline of call for the host will be in September
  • The notificaion will be in October

openSUSE.Asia Summit Portal