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  • Ancor Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • OndŇôej Holeńćek
  • Ladislav Slezak
  • Imobach Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • Iv√°n L√≥pez Gonz√°lez
  • David D√≠az Gonz√°lez
  • Steffen Winterfeld
  • Josef Reidinger
  • Joaquin Rivera
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  • Status of D-Installer
    • It should be submitted to Factory during this week
    • Main areas being worked right now:
      • Split D-Installer into smaller autonomous pieces
      • Better support for installing multiple distributions / roles
    • Next areas to work on:
      • Split storage/bootloader to a separate service
      • More possibilities to configure the network
      • Containerization of D-Installer
    • Note: looks like information like openSUSE:ALP/Workgroups/Installation/DInstaller (or other resources linked there) is too hard to find for newcomers
  • Status of Iguana
    • The prototype should ready for a demo on next regular meeting
    • Researched the Github Actions specification in Yaml and checked existing open-source implementations
      • The format is a bit too complex and none of the existing public implementations is mature
      • We will define a simpler specification inspired by the Github Actions one and implement our own interpreter
    • We discussed more possible usages of Iguana beyond installation, like being useful as a rescue system
  • Rethinking the work-group procedures
    • So far we have been in "research mode" with bi-weekly meetings to discuss relatively vague tasks
    • We want to turn the process into a more result-oriented one, with more concrete tasks and more technical reporting of the results
    • So let's make Iguana and D-Installer more "official" projects for this work group (so far, real D-Installer development is done within the YaST team and Iguana is kind of a one-man-show)
    • So weekly meetings will now look more like:
      • Review of concrete tasks in the development of Iguana and D-Installer
      • Planning of more concrete tasks if needed
      • Follow up: blog post (using the YaST Team blog to start with) about what's new
    • All D-Installer development meetings will happen in the context of this work group, not longer as part of the YaST Team regular work
  • Quick review on how Harvester performs installation
    • Fixed set of 5 partitions (two for A/B updates, one for data, one for booting and another for OEM configuration)
    • Some interesting ideas we could look into, even if the scope is different
    • Elemental looks pretty cool and is getting some extra development manpower
    • Thanks to Kubernetes core, remote integration comes for free
    • Seamless integration with Rancher
    • Note: it would be great to have people from that area (Harvester, Elemental, etc.) in this work group