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The aim of this project is the result Hackweek 22 where a group of us have been looking at using the ALP binaries provided by SUSE to create a functional successor to openSUSE Leap. Therefore the goal is to explore an ALP Based Leap replacement that we codenamed "Grassy Knoll".

From a technical perspective the simplest way to summarize the project would be to create a very slow rolling Tumbleweed, to the point where once ALP is released Grassy Knoll will have an update say every 3 or 6 months taking in the new packages. We will need more detail about ALP's component lifecycle before we can confirm this but 6 months would be more ideal.

Like Leap before it and Tumbleweed, Grassy Knoll is not intending to use transactional updates or containers as part of its "core" operating system, however ideally it will be able to still run ALP's containerised workloads. The plan for "Grassy Knoll" is to use a "Backports" repository to allow community package submissions.