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Evaluate Git Hosting Options choose hosting for packaging gits (source and/or distgits) of the packages in the ALP distribution
Git History Importing Find the best way to preserve the SLE12 and SLE15 package change history together with the openSUSE Factory/devel history of openSUSE packages
Build Status Reporting How to use the Git Hosting webfrontend to see the package build status in the build service.
Trigger and Scheduling of Jobs How to trigger and schedule jobs based on actions in Gitea.
Storing reviews in git How to annotate reviews in the git repositories.
Workflows in git How to develop packages and distributions by primarily using git based methods. Both for Packages and Projects. See also
Distro-Management in git on how to manage a distribution in git
Multi-signature review handling idea Handling reviews via multiple signatures
Improve .changes file handling How to leverage Git features to improve handling of .changes files.
Git Source handling workflow How to store and update the sources of packages by leveraging Git functionality best. Write-up currently under Notes about Git