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ALP: Build Service Git-Packaging Workflow

Meeting Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC in

Next Meeting Oct 4th


  • Dirk Mueller
  • Adrian Schroeter
  • Stephan Barth
  • Bernhard Wiedemann
  • Frederic Crozat
  • Adam Majer

Discussion Items

  • discussion+work started on project git without submodules, but packages defined in a file (format to be defined)
  • gitea action worker connected to src.o.o ; needs testing
    • currently no specific actions are implemented, but actions are enabled on the instance
    • tested at
    • currently factory uses source-validator and download_files, implement those as gitea actions?
    • use a tailored/openSUSE specific container image for the CI runs?
  • gitea update to 1.20.x for pending security fixes
    • sha256-support patch needs rebase => AI Adam
  • currently maintaining packages in git is possible for factory
    • can it also be submitted then to SLE15 ?
      • yes, as the packages are converted into “regular” build service pacakges with one additional file, no restrictions are in place on how to submit it to SLE15 afaik

Action Items

  • AI: Dirk: reach out to olaf and robert to present potentially the implementation here in a future meeting

Old Action Items