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ALP: Build Service Git-Packaging Workflow

Meeting Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC in

Next Meeting June 14th


  • Dirk Mueller
  • Alex Lau
  • Adam Majer
  • Bruno Leon
  • Dan Cermak
  • Frederic Crozat
  • Jiri Srain
  • Richard Brown
  • Stephan Barth
  • Ludwig Nussel
  • Marcus Meissner

Discussion Items

  • git based staging workflow implementation by adrian
    • unclear what has been implemented in the last weeks as adrian is off currently
  • dan to send out an announcement draft
    • requires an osc patch to be able to build locally from git
    • trial run (dirk)
  • osc build with rootless podman not feasible/possible right now ?
  • gitea sha256 update
    • 1.20 is upcoming, without adamms work
  • lfs painpoints
    • git lfs init needs to be run once per useraccount (not repository) ; use git hook to warn about that before commit to avoid falling into this trap

Action Items

Old Action Items

  • AI: snbarth: write up support level for ALP handling (with container native OS - do we still need it on a package by package level)
  • AI: dirk: write up status of prototype and share it with the group
  • AI adamm: look at how a git signature policy evaluation could be implemented based on adam’s multi-signature signing approach