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ALP: Build Service Git-Packaging Workflow

Meeting Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC in

Next Meeting March 15th


  • Dirk Mueller
  • DimStar
  • Jan Z
  • Adam Majer
  • Dan Cermak
  • Frederik Crozat
  • Jiri Srain
  • Matej Cepl
  • Eduardo Navarro
  • Ludwig Nussel

Discussion Items

  • Updated with
    • Gocd, because it is already in use, but likely not a good choice
    • Concourse extension for OBS exists
    • The person who maintained botmaster is not with SUSE anymore, but autobuild team has access
    • Alex Lau to look at Concourse and Woodpecker with the goal of
      • is it a good migration target away from GoCD?
      • Is it suitable for the git-packaging workflow CI needs?
  • how to proceed further with the bot?
    • Bot works in rough form (gitea PR build status ) to create SRs and sync their state with PR
    • What to do when the submit request is accepted?
      • One option is to remember which git commit the submit request was based on and merge that commit, irregardless on which commit the merge request branch is currently on. That is to avoid getting confused from races on force pushing to the merge request. Ensuring that there is no divergence from git and obs can be done by testing that an empty merge request would result in an empty change on obs before working on the next merge request. Seems this has the advantage that it makes it easier to have packagers only use git. This option was favoured over the next one.
      • Another option is to comment that submit request was accepted and just close the merge request and reexport from obs. Seems like this is the easier to implement option.
  • devel:ALP setup state
    • almost on the same level like SUSE:ALP but uses tumbleweed rather than the pinned versions
    • would like to discuss with Jiri/Frederik on how the setup could be useful for a potential transition to IBS
    • Also supports local building using pbuild
    • Cross architecture builds for aarch64 and riscv64 exists as well, builds ~ 45% of packages

Action Items

  • AI: Alex: look at the CI options (Woodpecker and Concourse)

Old Action Items

  • AI: Jan will talk to Dan about Concourse
  • AI: dirk: write up status of prototype and share it with the group
  • AI: snbarth: talk to the supply chain WG to address potential overlap
  • AI all: review proposal from maintenance architect:
  • AI adamm: look at how a git signature policy evaluation could be implemented based on adam’s multi-signature signing approach