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ALP: Build Service Git-Packaging Workflow

Meeting Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC in


  • Dirk Müller
  • Alberto Planas Dominguez
  • Dominique Leuenberger
  • Dario Faggioli
  • Jiri Srain
  • Bruno Leon
  • Stephan Kulow
  • Dan Cermak
  • Jan Zerebecki
  • Ludwig Nussel
  • Richard Brown
  • Eduardo Navarro

Discussion Items

  • Jim and Dario are trying to use git and the OBS-git-scm bridge for maintaining libvirt, qemu related packages
    • Case of study: QEMU packaging
    • The version of QEMU in Factory is different from SLE. There are downstream patches (as a typical package)
    • Stored as a tgz + spec + patches, the patches are stored in a different branch
    • Interested in a git native model, with a branch to store upstream history and other branches for downstream version
    • Interested in using scmsync, specifing the branch (e.g Factory)

Action Items

Old Action Items