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  • Easy Migration of VM: migrate VM to a safe place, automatic way in case of maintenance of host, keeping service 100% online
  • Easy deployment of VM: Use some templates to create the guest configuration based on the scenario usage.
  • Secure VM: Provide secure VM (confidential computing)
  • Support HA services: Automatically deploy an VT HA system, Virtual Machine Images store on top of replication storages, keeping a service online (all services provided by a VM)
  • vGPU ready
  • Host ready: Host should be ready without any technical questions. Everything is setup without any questions (pre-setup: network, storage, templates, monitoring, safe storage, etc....)
  • KVM Real Time
  • VM management inside a container: Decouple VT toolstack from the base OS and put management inside a container
  • Scalable remote monitoring: If we have a container dedicated to run graphana we can run a graphana agent in all VM to get their status
  • Easy restore of VM: Keep the guest configuration in a safe place. Automatic snapshot of VM to create a recover system. Easy way to restore a VM from a working snapshot

Current members

As every ALP workgroup group can have one driver, one or more identified stakeholders. This is mostly driven by SUSE.