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  • Easy Migration of VM: migrate VM to a safe place, automatic way in case of maintenance of host, keeping service 100% online
  • Easy deployment of VM: Use some templates to create the guest configuration based on the scenario usage.
  • Secure VM: Provide secure VM (confidential computing)
  • Support HA services: Automatically deploy an VT HA system, Virtual Machine Images store on top of replication storages, keeping a service online (all services provided by a VM) -> STOP; HA not designed for running inside a container
  • vGPU ready
  • Host ready: Host should be ready without any technical questions. Everything is setup without any questions (pre-setup: network, storage, templates, monitoring, safe storage, etc....)
  • KVM Real Time
  • VM management inside a container: Decouple VT toolstack from the base OS and put management inside a container

  • Scalable remote monitoring: If we have a container dedicated to run graphana we can run a graphana agent in all VM to get their status

  • Easy restore of VM: Keep the guest configuration in a safe place. Automatic snapshot of VM to create a recover system. Easy way to restore a VM from a working snapshot
  • Scalable Remote Control of VM: Being able to execute the same command on an group of Virtual Machine

Current members

As every ALP workgroup group can have one driver, one or more identified stakeholders. This is mostly driven by SUSE.