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The openSUSE ALP Architecture Team is the group of openSUSE volunteers investigating building new openSUSE distributions based on SUSE Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP).

The inaugural project the ALP Architecture Team is tackling is investigating a future replacement for Leap based on the SUSE ALP codebase and build design.


The Team primarily discusses on a Matrix chat channel

This channel is also bridged to Discord and IRC


The team currently consists of the following members

  • Richard Brown
  • Lubos Kocman
  • Max Lin
  • Marcus Meissner
  • Simon Lees
  • Bernhard Wiedemann
  • Kris Scott
  • Felix Niederwanger
  • Alexandre Vicenzi
  • Maurizio Galli
  • Antonio Teixeira
  • Valentin Lefebvre
  • Emiliano Langella
  • David Dyess
  • Robin Shepheard
  • Dirk Müller
  • Morgan Green

How to join

The team is open to all. Please just add your name to the list above and join the Matrix/IRC/Discord channel and get involved.

Kick Off Meeting

The ALP Architecture Team kick-off meeting happened on Tuesday 27th June at 1430 UTC for 1 hour.

A recording of the presentation is here:

The Agenda for this meeting was primarily a presentation from Richard Brown (Distribution Architect @ SUSE), covering the following:

  • What is SUSE ALP?
  • What SUSE be building, and when.
  • How Richard sees the 'gap' between what SUSE ALP will be and what our current Leap user base expects.
  • Richard's initial thoughts on how this group might want to address that 'gap'

Meeting Minutes

Kickoff Minutes-

Experimental/Research Projects

As a consequence of the Kick Off, contributors have been encouraged to consider different possible approaches to address the needs of Leap users who otherwise might not be satisfied by the planned ALP offerings. These approaches should then be experimented/prototyped for others to be able to understand them and better evaluate their feasibility.

These different Experimental Projects are likely to be hosted in

Experiment 1: Slowroll

main page: openSUSE:Slowroll

"Slowroll" - a derivative codestream of openSUSE:Factory/ALP:Source:Rolling that uses automated rules to limit the rate of change to the codebase

Experiment Owner bmwiedemann
OBS Project

Experiment 2: Linarite

"Linarite" - a successor to the GrassyKnoll concept, building a community distribution atop SUSE ALP "Granite"

Aims To be a Granite++ Ie Take the concepts of SUSE's Traditional ALP based distro and expand them with community packages and support to ideally become a successor to Leap
Experiment Owner simotek
OBS Project