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ZSystems/Good First Issues

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1) Access to a mainframe (LinuxONE Community Cloud)

2) openSUSE Community account for packaging

Hint for OSD Mentees: IBM will sponsor access to IBM Z systems with openSUSE. You will receive access via your mentors. We will support you with your first openSUSE contributions.

3) Contribute via Github for Dockerfiles/software or OBS for Packaging

Container Images

We want to enable Kubernetes distributions and applications with container images for IBM Z. They will be built with our Open Build Service and published in the openSUSE Registry. Some images are available on Docker Hub:

We want to expand the portfolio with most important applications and runnable on IBM Z.


  • httpd (OBS acceptance missing: s390x compatible)
  • tomcat (OBS acceptance missing: s390x compatible)
  • samba
  • OpenJDK: Copy Dockerfile from OBS instead of Github
  • Go: Copy Dockerfile from OBS instead of Github

Creation of your first own Image

  • logstash: Use zypper to install logstash
  • Python: Use zypper for the installation of Python and pip
  • elasticsearch: Use package with zypper from this security-logging repo and copy configs from the elastic repo
  • PostgreSQL: Use zypper to install PostgreSQL and copy "EXPOSE" from other Dockerfile (incl. possible configuration improvements)

Software Enablement / Packaging

Many packages have to be enabled for the s390x architecture. Create an openSUSE account for and enable following packages which are failing.

  • Go to the developing branch of the package
  • Branch Package
  • Edit the spec file with the fix
  • Test the build whether succeeded
  • Create Submit Request


  • mame : Add s390x as an architecture besides other architectures into the Spec file (Bug reported)
  • xwayland : Remove "ifnarch s390 s390x" from Spec file (Done)
  • Realtek driver : Remove s390x as an architecture in Spec file
  • afl: Add s390x to the 32Bit (Done)architectures (arm...) in the Spec file (Done)
  • python-APScheduler: Add additional BuildRequires PyMongo, redis and RethinkDBJobStore to Spec file
  • frameworkintegration : Add version number (>= 5.83) to Obsoletes "libKF5Style4" in the Spec file (Done)
  • kanku : Add version number to Obsoletes "kanku-url-wrapper" in the Spec file
  • librealsense: Add version number to BuildRequires of cmake into the Spec file
  • DSP function library: Add s390x architecture (cmake) flags for s390x into the Spec file
  • votca-csg: Change gromacs-devel to gromacs in the Spec file
  • cage: Change version of wlroots (Done)
  • nodejs16: Remove the part with "not buildable" for s390x in the Spec file
  • qtile: Add "mypy" as BuildRequires to Spec file
  • texi2html: Analyze and test choices BuildRequires "Unicode::EastAsianWidth" in Spec file
  • perl-Mojo-Pg: Analyze and test choices BuildRequires "SQL::Abstract::Pg" in Spec file
  • perl-Mojo-SqLite: Analyze and test choices "perl-Mojo-Pg"
  • openQA test: Fix an AppArmor profile in an openQA test (done)

Upstream Enablement

There is a lot of open-source software not compatible with IBM Z. You can enable that with development on a mainframe.

1) Clone the repository to the mainframe

2) Install required compilers

3) Edit the Makefile or the specific file with the other architectures

4) Add the architecture part with s390x

5) Test it on the mainframe

6) Create Pull Request for the open-source project