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hello my name is Oumar Kane from senegal i want let pepeol of world of unix to know i am student from university cheikh anta diop of dakar and i am learning science my partilar favorit is network and software open source like openSuse,debian lenny,fedora,ubuntu next.... i need help from the pepeol who know the system verry well and give advence.

Hi Bailaetlountan,

Thank you for your interest in openSUSE.

We use wiki for many purposes, like to present project and distribution, or document our activity on subprojects, but for certain activities we have services that are better suited then wiki. Designed for a single purpose they are easier to use with more options related to their purpose then wiki. Examples are:

  • openSUSE Forums designed for help to new and intermediately skilled openSUSE users.
  • Bug reporting facility designed for reporting bugs, and used primarily by advanced users and developers to solve software problems.

For many other options to get help with your openSUSE system, please see:

Regards, your Wiki team.