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About Me edit

  • Where do I live?

Moscow, Russia

  • What I like about openSUSE?

To my opinion openSUSE is a great Linux for those who are not IT professionals and need the computer for business, regular life and joy. It's the best system to start with if you are not an expert in Linux. From the other side, it covers the needs of professionals. I use openSUSE in my office as a server - because I need stability. I use it as my desktop computer to make my business stronger. I've convinced my closest friends (not IT professionals) to use it instead of other popular operation systems because it provides a huge variety of stable software for there business and rest

  • What am I doing at openSUSE?

Enjoying the sense of open source

  • What skills I have?

I'm a mathematician. I love programming. From the other side I'm a businessman - the co-owner and CEO of Russian marketing research company. We conduct qualitative & quantitative studies in Russia. We are very good experts in marketing research and statistics.

Contact edit

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