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Kostyantyn Olexandrovich Ovechko


PhD candidate “Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods (technical science)”
(KSTUCA, Kharkov, Ukraine). Thesis on “Mathematical models and methods of 
complex technical system structure optimization under risk and uncertainty 
conditions.” (keywords: discrete optimization, NP-hard, branch and limits 
method, cutting rules, Pareto-optimal, multi-criterion optimization).
2003 MA “Economics and Cybernetics” (KSTUCA, Kharkov,Ukraine)


2008-present Teaching assistant (Computer Modeling and Information 
Technologies Department, KSTUCA).
2006-2008 Engineer (Computer Modeling and Information Technologies Department, KSTUCA).
2005-present Experience of work as ISP and technical support (about 40 hosts).


- GSOC: IDFetch project
- Organized and carried out (including mentoring) student conference “Free and
 Open Source Software, 2009” at KSTUCA ( (Applied to 
the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to make this conference 
All-Ukrainian for the next 2010/2011 education year);
- Co-organizer of the section “Wonders of Information Technologies” of the 
66th student conference at KSTUCA;
- In charge for every-year informatics competitions at KSTUCA. (Organization 
of the events, tasks development, rating results, writing reports);
- Academic adviser for BA and MA students (recent projects: Imitation Modeling 
for Traffic at Crossroad Intersection, University Timetabling Optimization 
System with Application of Genetic Algorithms, Computer-Aided Testing System).
- Developer and administrator of the site for the Computer Modeling and 
Information Technologies department at KSTUCA (;
- Established a small Computer Museum at KSTUCA and continue to collect 
showpieces to make it not so small ;-)
- Co-founder of non-commercial and free of charge computer network (now up to 
300 hosts) at smt. Pesochin near Kharkov. (System-administrator of free of 
charge services: dc-hub, local site, forum, ftp, radio-station);
- Run English club for students at KSTUCA, held once every 2 weeks (Since 
January 2010);
- Deployed proxy-servers in a few small (up-to 50 computers) companies and 

Near future projects:

- Deployment of the wifi-zones with development of information resources at 
- Development of a download manager with gui, because don't find existing 
programs and front-ends for wget sufficiently robust and feature-full.

First love experience - at 13 years:

ZX Spectrum:CPU 2Khz (single core ;-), ROM 16 Kb, RAM 48 Kb. Programming on 
BASIC broke my heart.

Favorite distributions:

Live CDs: Slax, Ubuntu;
Desktop editions: openSUSE, Kubuntu, Mint, DSL (for my Pentium Pro 160 Mhz :)
Server editions: CentOs, Ubuntu Server, Arch, Gentoo, ASPLinux.

Favorite desktop software:

 mc, krusader, vlc, wget/aria, utorrent+wine.

Favorite podcasts:

- The source.

Favorite TV-shows:

- Dr. House;
- Everybody Loves Raymond;
- How it's made.


 Technical, sci-fi, adventure.


- iptables, iproute2, squid+zph+squidGuard, tc, egress/ingress (imq, ifb); 
- traffic shaping: htb, cbq, esfq, wrr, squid-delay pools;
- apache, MySQL, CMS (Joomla, Reload CMS, PHP-Nuke, Invision Porwer Board).


- VirtualBox, qemu, VMWare.

Programming skills:

- C/C++;
- Pascal (Delphi, Turbo Vision);
- Assembler (as a beginner);
- PHP, Python, Bash, Lua;
- MySQL, Access, BDE;
- Clips.

Sport activities:

- roller-blading (+hokey);
- biking;
- fishing for my cat (mostly for fun, size and quantity do not mater ;-).


- Ukrainian (native);
- Russian (native);
- English (fluent).


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