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About Me edit

  • What I like about openSUSE?

OpenSuSE has always been a distribution that combines ease of use, installation and administration (with YaST), along with the ability to adapt the distribution to user needs through software repository configuration that IMO is the largest collection of software repositories for any Linux distribution.

I can try out the live CD to test the distribution on any given machine, and when I am ready to install OpenSuSE, I then use the full distribution to install OpenSuSE. Updating OpenSuSE and upgrading packages is easy (even with many repositories configured) and straightforward.

OpenSuSE is no longer limited to just the Live CD and installation DVDs.

Thanks to SuSE Studio, I have created a new OpenSuSE derivative. Horneker Linux is my attempt to implement a full desktop that can be run from a DVD (the ISO images range from 1.8GB to 2.9GB depending on the version) as well as install the distribution to a hard drive. Inspiration for this comes from the PCLinuxOS distribution. On the DVD is support for common wireless devices (supported chipsets from Atheros, Intel, Ralink and Broadcom), as well as full support for Epson and Hewlett-Packard all-in-one devices.

Horneker Linux is now available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The Tabby Editions use GNOME for a default desktop. The Calico Edition is a lighter version containing essential software, just not as much, but still fully functional.

  • What skills I have?

I have worked with computers since the early 1980s. My first experience in programming was Applesoft BASIC on an Apple II+. Over the years, I have acquired second hand PCs (some of which were defunct) of which I rebuilt using usable parts, and then ran Linux on those machines.

I am an information technology professional with six years working in the credit industry, and freelanced since. Working experience includes custom programming and database maintenance for credit reporting, network maintenance, and data entry. Novell products were used for mortgage processing and the internal network (both used Netware 3.x). Also, Word Perfect was the official word processing package used here (at that time a Novell product).

At that time, I was running OS/2 on my home machine (then a Compaq Presario 425).

When I was laid off my job in 1998, I took up freelancing (while looking for my next job) rather than sit on the unemployment line. My freelanced experience includes website development, network maintenance, computer repair and data recovery, technical support via internet forums, and writing articles for PCLinuxOS Magazine, an online publication that supplements that Linux distribution.

Oh, and did I mention that I have created a OpenSuSE derivative with SuSE Studio?

I held a data entry job from 1999 to 2003 in a healthcare facility. Here is where I got my on the job experience with Windows 9x and XP, as well as working with a mainframe running AIX. In addition, I have ten years of retail experience (since 2003) providing customer service, sales, merchandising, freight processing, and replenishment.

Today, I have an old desktop (Dell Dimension 4600 running Slackware) and my laptop (running my OpenSuSE derivative, of course).

  • More to mention:

My website: (I am working on an HTML 5 version of my website as of this writing.)

I have worked with Novell products since the 1980s, with my first exposure being working with NetWare 3.x. In 1999, I developed a LAN for a collection agency using Personal Netware running on refurbished IBM branded PCs (running DOS 6.3). The project was completed and working reliably, costing $340 USD under the allocated budget!

Though I have experience with the major Linux distributions, my recent work has been with my new OpenSuSE derivative (Horneker Linux), PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu, and Slackware (on my old desktop).