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Lucian Oprea

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Developer: ApplicationProject
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Increased community and more. There are users who help develop it by writing articles, moderating forums, the public shares.

Main activities

Romania have already held launch parties in two locations:

  • July 15 in Bucharest (opening on a terrace with other openSUSE community members: Ubuntu, Fedora, Mozilla, etc.) Photo
  • July 16 in Alba Iulia (11.3 openSUSE presentation, InstallFest) Photo

Upcoming activities

  • August 6 - FLOSSCamp: the third edition in green grass where they meet the FLOSS community in Romania Photo
  • August 7 - seminar - hold a seminar on "Summer School in Calimanesti" (presentation, installfest, questions)Photo
  • August 31 and September 4 - presentation- to say Ordoheiu Secuiesc a presentation at the first conference that brings together several NGOs in Romania (for the conference is to encourage NGOs to use open source)