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Niv Aharonovich

A little bit about me: I'm a Linux and specifically openSuSE enthusiast living in Israel. I've used Linux (various distros) since 2000, but strangely never tried SuSE until the time of around 10.1, when my friend threw out his old 10.0 CDs. I took them and tried it out, and as soon as 10.2 arrived I downloaded it immediately. (I avoided 10.1, heard too many horror stories.) Since then, I'm a happy openSuSE user.

I've been more involved in other projects so far, especially KDE where I've attempted to write some patches and code (nothing of quality so far, but I'm improving, I hope) and have started to learn Qt indepth. I know C++ and Java 'fluently', a tiny bit of Python and PHP and can understand code in a couple of others. Most of my day to day work in programming is real time programming with C++ in robotics applications, where we use Linux and a Unix-like OS (vxWorks) to control the robotics systems...


You can contact me by email at niv.k.aha on the domain That's probably your best bet at reaching me.