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About me

Hi everybody! My name is Álvaro, I'm 19 years old and I am living actually on Lanzarote one of Canary Islands, however I was born on Jerez de la Frontera (South of Spanish mainland). I am newbie on openSUSE. From child always I liked computer science or all related topics. When I could. I touch a computer always to search files, install games and more.

It's me!

As time passed, I started learning how to use computer alone, operative system and more. I tried Ubuntu as my first Linux distro into 7.10 version. After I installed Debian Lenny (testing) version some months to ago. I saw about Fedora but some people said that was very difficult to use. Anyway was my third Linux distro with Fedora 10 with GNOME. More months too late, I switched into FreeBSD with 7, but some weeks ago, I came back to Linux with Fedora 11 called Leonidas's KDE. Really was very good distro.

I returned the borrowed Portable I hope to end my high school classes and installed FreeBSD 8 and 9-CURRENT version on my old desktop AMD Athlon 64 6000. Was very awesome to use FreeBSD Ports Collections, setting your options in your software.

After, I tried Gentoo and Slackware. Gentoo seems FreeBSD but with Linux. I had learnt to compile a Linux kernel on it. My first kernel built with CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS defined into make.conf. Was very awesome compile software optimized for your processor and learn how to "carry out" seems build a "LFS".

Anyway, I came back to Fedora 16 and still continues 17, 18 and 19. After, I switched into Mageia 1-2 months and latest Linux I used it's openSUSE 12.3. I hope stay here a long time as Fedora :)

Any messages, please contact me without any troubles! :D



  • E-mail: midgoon <at> gmail <dot> com
  • IRC Freenode: netSys
  • Skype: netSys0
  • Twitter: netSys0