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Michael Löffler

Michl small.jpg

I'm now for more than 7 years with SUSE/Novell. I started at Marketing and moved with a stop in Product Marketing to Product Management. At all stations SUSE Linux Professional/Personal and the successor openSUSE have been major tasks for me. Prior to my life at SUSE/Novell I studied Business Administration, travelled the world after my degree and started to work for several years at different trade show organizers and finally worked as an event manager. So people say, I'm pretty good in organizing and keeping things together. All that working experience happened in the Munich area which I happily left in direction of NĂŒrnberg where I started at the Marketing department handling the retail box in all markets beside of Germany. Shortly after I joined SUSE, SUSE got acquired by Novell and I moved to Product Marketing with a more technical aspect of the distribution. With the planning of the openSUSE project I became Product Manager which I am now for 3 years or so. It's kind of weird being a Product Manager for a project and not for a product. As it is driven more and more by the openSUSE community,...however - I understand myself more as an interface between the community, the distribution, several departments at Novell and Novell's Executives. In 2008 I was appointed by Novell to be Chairman of the openSUSE Board which is a honor for me and a sign of trust in my work.


  • Email: michl <at> novell <dot> com
  • IRC: michl, look for me in #opensuse-project