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=== About me ===


Hello, my name is Ivo Grimaldi.

  • Cofounder of
  • Member of a italian hackers group: "IHF"
  • Member of the Pordenone Lug: PNLug.
  • Admin of Italian Telegram group "Grafica OpenSorce"
  • Scoutmaster.
  • Musician: I play piano and make music with computer.
  • Here my BandCamp page
  • Inline skating instructor.
  • Videomaker, I love make openSUSE italian videotutorial and sometimes I make support for conference video recording.
  • Here you can see the 2018 Pordenone Open Design Conference recorded everything with openSUSE Leap 42.3 and OBS-STUDIO
  • Here you can see the 2019 Pordenone Open Design Conference recorded everything with openSUSE Leap 15.0 and OBS-STUDIO
  • I love to mix videotutorial and music, so sometimes I make videotutoral for Linux audio, i.e.: qjackctl, candence, audacity, OBS-STUDIO, and much more.
  • Here you can see a little example of one of my videos.
  • I like to promote free software and openSUSE, I often set up stands at fairs together with PNLug.
  • Here,Here and Here 2 video of me playing and a singer who sings on one of my songs in a fair.
  • in August 2018 I attended a computer camping IHC2018, in which I recorded about sixty hours of talk. Here you can see the entire playlist: 2 of the 3 talk rooms were managed with openSUSE Leap 15.

As you may have guessed, I do too many things

As my first job, I'm helpdesk assistance for a company that produces payroll software.