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About Me edit

I've been a user of SuSE / openSUSE since the 8.2 days. Yes, that almost makes me a newbie compared to some, but I started working with UNIX back in the early 80's and Linux around 1996.

I'm from Atlanta Georgia, USA and worked with and around computers my entire life. I wrote my first kernel driver in 1983 or so for a commercial aircraft communication bus. I was part of a team developing a UNIX based Boeing 767 cockpit trainer and we needed to be able to talk to some of the aircraft boxes.

Around that same time I also worked on an early TCP/IP serial driver implementation. ie. Like SLIP, but I don't think SLIP existed at the time.

Starting in the 1998 timeframe I became interested in storage technologies and became a Compaq Master SAN Architect with their Tru64 UNIX implementation. With HP's purchase of Compaq I became a HP Master SAN Architect.

At this point openSUSE is more of hobby for me than anything, but I still enjoy working with the technology.

I am the main maintainer of security:forensics and the packages in that project.

Contact edit

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