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About Me edit

My name is Christian Imhorst, I am an openSUSE member and I enjoy working with openSUSE Tumbleweed in my free time. At work I deal with this other operating system, PowerShell and .NET. That's why I am also interested in PowerShell and .NET on openSUSE.

  • Where do I live?

In Hannover, Germany.

  • What do I like about openSUSE?

By 1999 SuSE was my first distro. In the meantime I also used a few other Linux distros, but I kept coming back to openSUSE. I love the 'bleeding edge' feel of using Tumbleweed, the stability of Leap and I like YaST. And I like the fact that openSUSE is truly community driven.

  • What skills do I have?

I am working with PowerShell and .NET and I want to do this with openSUSE, too. But I also write scripts in Bash and Python. Sometimes I manage to publish my scripts on GitHub.

  • More to mention:

I wrote a book about Richard Stallman and the Free Software Movement in German, I am a supporter of the FSFE and I am an active member of the Linux Usergroup Hannover.

Contact edit

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