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Beginning with Computer technician since year 1999. Moved to government bodies after 2 years and that was year 2001. As IT Administrator for 2years and became programmer for 2 years. Dealing with Visual Basic, Cobol, Acu-Cobol. Scripts - HTML, and java scripts. Get to know Novell since we are using zenwork desktop management to manage more than 500 of our users machine.

Left to private sector after another 2years dealing with programs and proceed to another IT services industries that dealing with Linux. Fedora Core is the company based. Get to know OpenSUSE since involving with Fedora Core and I've started with openSUSE 10 until now. Dealing with Novell product such as OES and Groupwise since knowing openSUSE it brought me to know more on SLES and SLED. Company partnership with Novell for a couple of years. Supporting SLES, SLED, OES, Groupwise and Zenwork Endpoint Security that what I do until today.

Would like to spread more on openSUSE the green geeko and bring awareness more people out there and shows them what OpenSUSE can do for all.

Just passes my NCLP 11 Exam...Hooray!!!

Contact Me Via :

Facebook : [1] Twitter  : daniel_tanz IM  : danieltanz@gtalk Yahoo  :