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Version in Brazilian Portuguese Brasil-p.jpg

LiMobile - Linux SDK for iMobiles

The distribution LiMobile - Linux SDK for iMobile believe to be the first image (appliance) GNU / Linux distribution based on openSUSE created with the formidable tool SuseStudio. Designed exclusively to provide freedom to develop applications for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) without the need to get a Macbook, Mac OS X and Xcode. Special thanks to Scott Jackson for parties Erisvaldo Gadelha shorten my learning and all that made possible the birth of this project.

The main objective of this initiative is to provide the composition of the rapid development environment for mobile devices from Apple even for users with little knowledge in GNU / Linux platform. As the main focus is to avoid inconvenience of installing packages and incompatible versions. Compile gcc to generate instructions and to IPAD iPhone does not need much special technique, because it is based on the Cortex A8 core ARM11 ;-)

Special packages included in LiMobile

  • iFuse Allows mounting (iPhone, iPod and IPAD) mobile devices made by Apple in file system in . More information on theoffical site.
  • dmg2img Converts images / files. dmg to hfsplus images. More information in the official site.
  • llvm-gcc Compiler used for native objects, bitcode LLVM programs written in C / ObjC.. Information en the official sitel.
  • Tools opensource to Darwin,[] the Mac opensource side.
  • SshPass Allows you to install applications in the iMobile without typing a password.
  • iphonedevonlinux Script to compile all the tools including the compiler itself. More information in the official site.

LiMobile Site

Official Page

Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (A.K.A.CABELO)
Brazil - Sao Paulo - Bebedouro.

Instructions / Documentation
Configuration instructions in the SDK. (Under construction)

Download do Live CD/imagem Xen,VMware, Virtual Box e USB Image.

More information

Preview of the system

LiMobile Grub
LiMobile boot
LiMobile FrameBuffer

Dependencies included in the image

Below the list of some basic dependencies required to create the development environment iMobile (already included in the image of the project).

  • automake
  • bison
  • cpio *teste
  • flex
  • g++
  • g++-4.3
  • g++-4.3-multilib
  • gawk
  • gcc-4.3
  • git-core
  • gobjc-4.3
  • gzip
  • libbz2-dev
  • libcurl4-openssl-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • make
  • mount
  • subversion
  • sudo
  • tar
  • unzip
  • uuid
  • uuid-dev
  • wget
  • xar
  • zlib1g-dev

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