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In case you're an openSUSE community member you can vote to have openSUSE support Kolab. Make sure to vote, if you like Kolab on openSUSE!

OBS Projects

All Kolab Groupware OBS projects are sub projects of server:Kolab.

Should contain stable and tested packages. The packages in server:Kolab:UNSTABLE are linked to these and UNSTABLE is its development project. The packages currently in here are not stable but needed to create the links.

This is our "working directory". New upstream releases, patches and spec changes will be tested here.

This repository hosts additional packages needed by Kolab 3. It should only contain packages not present in our build targets' default repos, and packages developed in different OBS devel projects should only be linked.

Building from source


BuildRequires: boost-devel, cmake, libcurl-devel, libkdepimlibs4-devel >= 4.9.50 OR libcalendaring-devel, libkolab-devel, libqt4-devel (, uuid-devel = 1.6.2 on SLE 11 SP2)

      -DINCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/include \
      -DLIB_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/lib \
      -DBIN_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/bin \
      -DLibkolab_DIR=/usr/lib/cmake/Libkolab \


BuildRequires: boost-devel, cmake >= 2.6.4, libkdepimlibs4-devel >= 4.9.50 OR libcalendaring-devel, libkolabxml-devel >= 0.8.4, libqt4-devel, libXerces-c-devel, php-devel >= 5.3, python-devel, (uuid-devel = 1.6.2 on SLE 11 SP2,) swig >= 2.0

      -DLIB_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/lib64 \
      -DLibkolabxml_DIR=/usr/lib64/cmake/Libkolabxml \


  • Add distribution specific configuration parameters to kolab.conf
  • Check for installed kolab meta packages to determite, what pre-checks to run with kolab-pre-setup and what setups top run with kolab-setup
  • Add checks for kolab-freebusy to kolab-scripts


If you want to contribute, drop us a note!