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Hi Wiki question help,

Welcome and thanks for the interest in openSUSE.

If you want to help us around Wiki please see Portal:Wiki that has a lot of information about wiki organization. Unlike old wiki there is a minimal set of rules that we have to use in order to keep wiki nice and readable.

If you need help, or you are not sure about details, please visit openSUSE:Wiki team to see how to contact us and get answers to your questions.


Regards, your Wiki team.

  • Code: {{Wiki question help|}}. The user name will be automatically entered when placed on user talk page. After vertical bar you can add additional comment that will explain the reason for the message. Comment is optional.
  • Description: This is instruction where to look for help for new wiki editors that obviously didn't read about, or don't understand, new style.
  • Where: On a user talk (discussion) page.