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Score Reading Trainer helps you improve your (musical) score reading skills by practicing with random scores.


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Developer: José Pablo Ezequiel "Pupeno" Fernández
License: GPLv2


Score Reading Trainer works in a very simple way, you choose the clef, the key and the accidentals you want to practice as well as thee range of notes and then, the program generates a on-screen score with that parameters but randomizing the notes and the accidentals (and everything else that is randomizable).

The keys of the keyboard are mapped to the notes like in a piano (it would be nice to support midi in the future) and all you have to do, is press the right key for the first note you see in the score on the screen.

If you pressed the right key, the note will disapear and replaced by the second one, a diferent note, and you have to repeat the process.

As the notes are generated randomly, there's no way one can predict the following note and since several notes (as much as the screen allows) are on the screen, one can also train pre-reading (reading ahead of the current one) of the notes.

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