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Scid is a standard "front end" application for chess analysis under linux. It needs a bit of configuration to work, mainly loading chess databases and useful chess engines. Unhappily if updated it might need complete reconfiguration

Tested on openSUSE

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Setting up in Leap 15.1

Default as packaged

The most important issue is to load a default chess database and some useful chess engines.

Loading a chess database

The ChessX database is installable by YaST2 from the default packages in usual fashion. You will find its files in something like ~/Documents/chessdata/bundesliga2000.pgn.

Use the menu options File>Open... (<Crtl>-O) Also open the tree window Windows>Tree Window (<Ctrl>-T)

Loading an engine such as Stockfish20 from repository

The engines executable will be found in the usr/bin directory after installation from YaST.

Then go to Tools>Analysis Engine... and select the item (<Crtl><Shift>-A). This is actually a toggle to stop start first engine, but a list of installed engines comes up if no engine is active. This window "Analysis Engine List" unhappily can be hidden as it does not take focus, look for it in centre of your desktop by default . Clink on the New... option in the dialogue box. Under Name enter say Stockfish20, Under Command navigate to usr/bin/stockfish20 in the ... dialogue (or type "usr/bin/stockfish20"), under parameters type in fcp and you can leave Directory as "." if you have permissions or change to .~/scid/ by clicking on the button as recommended in the documentation. Select the UCI box and click OK.

Other Engines Configuration Parameters
  • Stockfish configuration (actually Stockfish 10) from repository is identical and much stronger than stockfish20 (which is actually Stockfish 2)
  • Fruit21 is identical to Stockfish20.
  • GNUchess has "x" as a parameter and the UCI is unticked.
  • Phalanx-Scid also needs UCI unticked.

Set up in other versions OpenSuse

As above.

Playing against engines

You probably want Xboard.

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