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SDB Talk:How to migrate from Windows

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Useful sections to add here:

Recommendations for desktop environments. People migrating from Windows will probably want something familiar, so KDE and Xfce would be good suggestions.

How to customize those desktop environments to make them work similarly to Windows (show desktop widgets at the right end of the taskbar, setting up file managers to look as similar to Windows Explorer as possible, getting rid of the title bars on web browsers, how to bring up a Task Manager equivalent, etc.).

Games should be mentioned, linked to a relevant part of the wiki and that section should be expanded, as it's a big reason people stick with Windows.

How to run MS Office - while Libre Office is excellent, Calc is not yet on par with Excel and some people will need to use Excel for work. --NPrime (talk) 02:12, 14 June 2019 (UTC)