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So, I tried following these steps, using both the 18.40 and the 18.50 archive from AMD:

- Start YaST2, with the help of menu - Click Software Repositories in the YaST Control Center - Click Add, select "Local directory" and click Next - Enter the path to directory (e. g. /tmp/amdgpu-pro-18.40-673869) and choose a name (AMD for example) for the repository - Click OK - Accept the repository gpg key - Ensure its status is "enabled" and "refresh automatically" is also on

When adding the repository, YaST complains like this:

The file repomd.xml from repository AMDGPU-PRO
is not digitally signed. The origin and integrity of the file
cannot be verified. Using the file anyway puts the integrity of your
system at risk.

Use it anyway?

And if I say 'Yes', then, when trying to install one of the packages, I see:

 Retrieving package amdgpu-core-18.50-756340.noarch
 (1/2),   7,6 KiB (  7,6 KiB unpacked)
     Package is not signed!
 amdgpu-core-18.50-756340.noarch (AMDGPU-PRO): Signature verification failed [6-File is unsigned]
 Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i] (a):

So, basically, there's no "Accept the repository gpg key" phase, and there are complaints about unsigned packages.

I appreciate that this is, most likely, not an issue, and that it's more a problem of AMD's archive than an openSUSE's one.

Nevertheless, I think the guide in this page should mention these issues, as well as recommend/guide the user toward what's best to answer to these questions.