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This procedure was tested on openSUSE 12.1
This article describes how to install and use X-chat, a popular IRC software.

It is recommended to install HexChat, a fork and continuation of X-Chat. It is activelye maintained and looks almost the same. It supports SASL out of the box. All the commands mentioned here still apply just use hexchat instead of xchat. There is a guide on how to migrate from X-Chat to HexChat.

How to install X-Chat

To check if X-Chat is installed on your computer, use the following command:

$ rpm -q xchat

If it's installed, you'll get the result:


If it's not, then install it using the following commands:

$ su
# zypper in xchat

Now you can run X-Chat. Applications > Internet > Chat > X-Chat IRC

Basic IRC commands

  • /help - Shows all commands.
  • /nick NewNickName - Changes the NickName (limited to 9 characters).
  • /names - Shows all NickNames on that channel.
  • /whois NickName - Shows basic whois info for a NickName. To see more info, use /msg NickServ info NickName
  • /away AwayMessage - Leaves a message when you are away from channel. Use /away by itself when you return.
  • /quit QuitMessage - Leaves a message when you quit IRC channel.

For more information, see this page.

How to participate to an openSUSE IRC meeting

For example you want to participate to a meeting. You can check meetings portal:

  1. Run X-Chat: Applications > Internet > Chat > X-Chat IRC
  2. Type a Nickname of your choice, Name and Real name.
  3. Choose FreeNode and then Edit.
  4. Type your nickname.
    Visit How to register your nickname.
  5. During editing you'll see the window

where you can add your favourite channel, the channel you visit often.

Press Connect button and you're connected to the IRC Freenode server.

Protocol meeting

The protocol is followed on some IRC meetings only if it's agreed by the participants. The reason that we use it is to follow the thoughts of the speaker.

  • Please watch what others are doing and do not interrupt.
  • If you have a question, type "?" and wait for the chairman to let you speak.
  • If you need to speak, type "!" and wait for the chairman to let you speak.
  • If you're done speaking, type "eof".
  • If you agree, type "+1".
  • If you disagree, type "-1".
  • If you're neutral, type "0".

How to create a login script for a private channel in X-Chat

Create login script:

$ cd ~/.xchat2
$ vi login-script.txt
msg chanserv invite #private-channel
join #private-channel

Use the following information in X-Chat:

  • IRC Server:
  • Channels to join: #private-channel
  • Connect command: load -e ~/.xchat2/login-script.txt
  • Server password: {your password}

Where can I find a list of openSUSE IRC channels?

See openSUSE IRC list.