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SDB:Watching over-the-air television

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This article describes how to watch over-the-air broadcasts with openSUSE.

Different standards

There are several standards for digital terrestrial television. In Europe, Africa and Australia, DVB-T is the dominant standard. It is also known as Freeview in the UK and TNT in France. In North America and South Korea, the ATSC standard is used. If you're unsure about the standard where you live, you can take a look at this map.


In KDE, you can use Kaffeine to watch digital TV. Before you can do so, you have to scan for channels. If no channels are found, make sure that your antenna has been detected properly and that its settings are correct. VLC is another popular option, but its configuration is a little more cumbersome and it doesn't save TV presets. Depending on the video format, you may need additional proprietary codecs to watch some channels.

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