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rdesktop is a command line client program included in OpenSUSE that allows one to connect to a windows machine that's set up to allow remote desktop connections.

For more information on using it open a terminal window and type:

man rdesktop

Left Handed Mouse Mapping in openSUSE 11.1

OpenSUSE 11.1 includes version 1.6.0 of rdesktop. In previous versions if you had your mouse buttons mapped to be left handed in KDE and connected to a windows machine which had its buttons mapped to be right handed with rdesktop the mouse would use the left handed button mapping in the remote session. This changed in 1.6.0 so that the buttons would respect the settings of the remote machine connected to.

In order to have the buttons maintain their KDE settings in the remote session one can either change the buttons to "left handed" in the remote session or patch rdesktop with the patch made available on [sourceforge project page].

In order to patch rdesktop:

  • Uninstall the rdesktop package via YaST
  • Download the rdesktop source code
  • Download patch [2038819 here]
  • Untar rdesktop
  • Move or Copy the .diff file into the newly created rdesktop directory.
  • Apply the patch either by manually editing the rdesktop.c and xwin.c files or using the 'patch' command line utility or you can use something like kompare
  • run the configure script (./configure)
  • run make
  • run make install

Once the pached version is installed you can run rdesktop with the -M flag which will stop the button remapping from happening.

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