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Icon-obsolete.png This article or section refers to the version 'unknown' and it is now obsolete!
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Since Firefox/Thunderbird 1.5 and SeaMonkey 1.0 the default filechooser dialog on platforms with gtk version >= 2.6.3 is the GTK one.

Newer Firefox versions have a nice KDE4 open/save dialog, so you will probably not want to change that setting.

If you don't like it, you can disable the usage and get back the old XUL implemented mozilla-native filechooser.


FF/TB 1.5 and SM 1.0

Just add the following variable to your environment (e.g. to $HOME/.bashrc) (and please note that this only works for packages provided by SUSE)


FF/TB >= 2.0 and SM >= 1.1

Open about:config, search for "file_picker" and flip the preference ui.allow_platform_file_picker to false.