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SDB:Monero Ctrypto Currency Wallet

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Tested on openSUSE

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This is a draft not yet ready for use. It has some useful information but is not yet complete.


You wish to install the latest Monero Cryptocurrency Wallet on your OpenSuse Leap 15.1 computer that is running the KDE desktop


The latest Monero GUI client can be downloaded from the Monero project homepage. The last known location of the Monero project as of 12/7/2010 is There is a download page available from the homepage The download you are looking for can be downloaded at the "Linux 64-bit" link.

A little planning can make future upgrades easier to maintain. I would recommend creating a monero folder under your home folder in your file system. Direct the download into the monero older or whatever folder you want to put it in. Use the ARK application to unarchive the compressed file you downloaded. The decompression process will create a subfolder with the monero version included in its description.

To create an application link to the monero GUI client right click on any open space in your KDE desktop. Hover your mouse pointer on the "Create New" option and then left click on the "link to application" option. Several fields are available in the "link to application" option. Choose a name for link such as monero under the general tab. The click on the Application tab. Fill in the Name, Description, and comment fields. I use monero in those fields. Left click on the browse button to the right of the Command field. Browse to the location of the uncompressed monero folder. Click on the folder and then click on the monero-wallet-gui script. Now left click on the file folder icon to the right of the Work Path field. Browse to the newly created folder for monero and click on it. If you want a nice icon you can do a web search on monero icon and get a number of choices to download. I would download the one you want to use to a folder such as /home/<your home directory>/documents/pictures. You may need to change the downloaded icon file to a .png file if it is not already in that form. I recommend the gwenview application for that purpose. You can then update the monero application link general tab with the new icon information by left clicking on the icon square in the upper left of the application link general tab screen. You will need to browse to the location of the monero png file. Your application link will now have a nice monero icon on your desktop.

with YaST2

There are currently no maintained repositories for installing the monero CLI or GUI wallet

on the command line

The monero installation process does not require the use of the command line.

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